As always first and most importantly , I hope you and your family are healthy and safe during this continuing world wide pandemic and now hopefully changing times.

I miss you and I look forward to seeing you again.

Governor Whitmer has announced that personal care businesses are allowed to be open on June 15.  Brenda Bultema Skin Care will NOT  be opening on June 15th.  We will not be scheduling treatments. Please watch for all emails for updates.

And I am aware that this pandemic is putting a burden on finances. Some of you have gift cards for facials and/or products. Would the cash value of that gift card be more valuable to you today than the gift card itself?  
Do you have doubts that you will use your prepaid facial because of the health risks associated with contracting Covid 19?

This is not my usual policy but these are unusual times….If the pandemic has stretched your finances thin? or you have concerns about receiving a facial due to health concerns?  I would be happy to buy back your prepaid facials/gift cards.

Please contact me if this could be helpful for you.

I need to be very honest with you.  I have anxiety about reopening. Please do not personalize what I am going to state next.  Before this pandemic, it was not unusual for some clients (one out of 5, so certainly a minority of clients) to come in for a facial treatment announcing “I don’t feel well”……..  you were so happy that you had your facial treatment scheduled because you knew you needed some love and care.  You knew this facial would make you feel better.  You knew that you would be able to rest and relax while you were here.  You knew the steam would help your cough or your stuffed sinuses . I trusted my strong immune system.  I always wash my hands when leaving the treatment room and before reentering The treatment room. 

COVID-19 will not respect my immune system.  I do not want to risk my health because you wanted your facial.  Please be honest with us.  If you are feeling “out of sorts” or “under the weather”?  Please cancel and reschedule. No fee will be charged.  And you will not “mess up my schedule”.

 This has to stop now.

If you need products?  Although we are closed?  You are still able to get the products you need the following ways.  You can always order off our website or email us at  No credit card processing fee will be applied during our self imposed quarantine.  You can choose “local pickup “ and arrange a “drive by” time with us and we will leave your order on our porch. And you can choose to have your order shipped too! Or delivered?

If you are unsure of the products you use or would prefer to call in an order – I would  love to hear your voice.  John and I are at the salon literally every day.  Please give us a call and I promise to return your call.  269-372-2232


ATTENTION: I am not able to purchase “snap/squeeze” bottle tops at this time.  If you need a product packaged in bottle?  Please keep your bottle tops to reuse.