Brenda Bultema Skin Care REDUCES waste of your hard earned income by offering samples of most products before you purchase. We also offer large sizes to REDUSE waste of packaging and save you more money.

Brenda Bultema Skin Care encourages you to REUSE. Many products can be refilled. Bring in your empty, clean containers and receive 50 cents off each bottle or jar we can refill. REUSE your sample size containers for travel.

Brenda Bultema Skin Care hopes you take advantage of RECYCLE centers or subscribe to a RECYCLE program with your waste disposal company.

Remember - Always Purchase 4 - 5 products and receive 10% and 6 products gets you 15%
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Are your cosmetics really safe (non-comedogenic)?

87 to 93 percent of all cosmetics contain ingredients that will cause blemishes if your skin is prone to that, or create a tired, gray look from your skin "working" so hard to combat the penetrating effect.  These ingredients are used 1) to give us a "slip" during application, 2) "all day" coverage from makeups, 3) emulsify water/oil so we don't need to shake our products, and 4) finally, buffer us when we choose to use an active ingredient that may be too high of a percentage of an ingredient.

Many cosmetics and toiletry products make claims of being "oil free" and in the classic legal sense, the claim is true.  This oil free claim is, however, very misleading in that the oil substitutes are synthetic and are often more harmful (comedogenic) than the excess sebum found in the skin that can clog your pores.

What are those ingredients?

Click here to get Brenda's List of Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care Products