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All of the treatments listed here are offered in the salon. Please call us to select the best treatment for you or to make an appointment.


Mini Facial

This treatment includes a personalized skin analysis, deep cleansing massage, steam application and mask.

  40 minutes - $47            18 and under- $38. 

Mini Facial Gift Certificate


This is an ideal choice for your first facial. Service includes a cleansing massage, steam, extraction process and therapeutic mask. This treatment is also used to maintain and control acne/blemish prone skin.

50 minutes -  $62     18 and under -$48.

Basic/Normalizing Facial Treatment



A combination of effleurage and shiatsu massage is the highlight of this relaxing treatment. After cleansing, a steam and papaya enzyme followed by 20 minutes of massage are performed to ease tension in the face, neck and shoulders. 90 minutes.  $82.00



A series of applied exfoliants softens shallow lines and improves the skin's texture. Treatment begins with a gentle cleansing and is followed by steam, exfoliants and a papaya enzyme peel. 70 minutes.  $74.00


Glycolic Peel

Results include improved skin tone, fine line reduction and reduced redness. 20 minutes.  $38.00


Corrective Back

This treatment aids in keeping your back smooth and blemish free. It consists of a deep exfoliating massage followed by both an extraction process and a therapeutic mask. 50 minutes.  $66.00



This service includes the best of each treatment for the face, neck and upper chest. Cleansing grain, steam and papaya enzyme applications are followed by a stimulating and soothing 20 minute massage (shiatsu optional). A custom mask is then formulated and applied to each area. 105 minutes.  $115.00

Let's get started. Please call us at: 269-372-2232269-372-2232 or email us at:  BBultemaSkinCare@gmail.com for a consultation.